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Since its launch in 2002, Lasan has firmly established itself as the finest Indian restaurant in the UK, if not the world, courtesy of its numerous awards and international recognition. From British curry awards to facile victories in Gordon Ramsay’s ‘F Word – Best Local restaurant’ on Channel 4’ and the BBC’s ‘Great British Menu’, not to mention our inclusion in The Sunday Times Top 100 UK Restaurants.

Lasan’s success has been built on and sustained by three fundamental principles: a sincere love for authentic Indian food, an unswerving passion for creation and reinvention and, taking the utmost care and immense pride in what we do.

This sincere desire to amaze and delight guests is why we do and love what we do; it permeates and governs everything we are and it’s what drives us to continually strive to innovate - It’s in our DNA.